Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Eugene TT series #2

15 mile flat loop with some steady wind; done as hard as I could; all by myself.

I hate ITTs. Everyone who's raced with me knows this. There were no BAR nor uprade points available in this race. It was 1.5 hours away by car. Why do it? Because there's a 17 mile ITT in the stage race I'm doing this weekend, and I don't want it to be my first one in 2 months.

So how'd it go? If this was a litmus test for my GC hopes at WVC, then I'm going for the points jersey. I flew blind, with no HR monitor, odometer or speedometer, but other than that, it was pretty similar to what I should expect Saturday. I went steady and was really burning by the end (read: as well as I could hope to do). I got 6th out of 11 Cat 3’s; 1:15 behind my team mate Duncan, who got 3rd. This discipline is still a weakness for me. This fact and the fact that I hate ITT’s are like chickens and eggs, but both are still facts. I'm working on it, but I just don't like races with no strategy.

Preview for the WVC: I want to do well, and I want to say that I will do well, but I know that the field will be made of a lot of racers that haven't been racing the small beans early season stuff that I've gotten used to. I don't know what to expect. What I plan to do is race the three RR's like they were one-day events, in addition to helping Veloshop wherever I can. If I can get a stage win, I'll be good. If I get the points jersey, I'll be stoked. We'll see.


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