Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mt. Hood Cycling Classic Registration

I just don’t know. I need to decide right now what to do about Mt. Hood. I have my upgrade points for 3-2. Registration is almost full in both groups.

If I race Pro/1/2: I’ll get to race with Chris and Sam and a really fast field. For a moment. Then I’ll probably get time cut and go home early. Reg will cost me $155. I just feel like having Hood as one of my first Cat 2 races sounds like a bad idea. It’s like the Tour de France of Oregon, except that it’s all climbing stages. And I am a mediocre climber even among the Cat 3’s.

If I race Cat 3: I’ll race again with my team that went to WVC. I’ll have a remote shot at doing okay, maybe even winning a stage (very remote). The course is so unsuited to me that I’ll probably have trouble being competitive even among the 3’s. Reg will cost me $110. I will feel like an asshole and a coward for racing “down”.

If I don’t race: I’ll save the reg fees. I’ll burn out less, but I won’t get any stronger. I still won’t have ever raced Mt. Hood. Maybe I’ll just start focusing on track and missing Hood will help with that.

That’s what I wrote yesterday (to myself) right before deciding not to race Mt. Hood this year. I sent a note to my teammates saying I wasn’t going. Nobody tried to talk me out of it (though I was called a "monger"....hmm). I felt relieved.

Then I woke up today. I feel kind of better like my cold mostly went away, and last night while I was trying to go to sleep, my legs were yelling at me that they were ready for some bike racing (you know the feeling, right?). Then I started thinking about how I’m gonna feel sitting around the house knowing all my friends are racing. I’m hilarious. I was opening my mail, having coffee with Heather. I said, “Wait… It’s not sandbagging if you don’t have a shot in hell at winning!” She shook her head at me, “That’s what I said yesterday.” I got up, went to the computer and registered in the Cat 3’s. Yeehaw. It’s me, Duncan, Jess and Bene. We’re gonna go kick some spandex-clad ass.


Blogger Molly Cameron said...

I'm proud of you.

You and I are going to take the late summer stage races. Eugene and High Desert.

But next you have to decide wether to race Elite cross or not...

12:42 PM  

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