Friday, May 05, 2006

My First Track Race: Alp. Thurs. Series Kilo 5/4/6

Sweet. Now this is a time trial that I can get into. One kilometer as fast as you can, by yourself, from a held standing start.

My 1:17.93 was good enough for first in the Cat 4/5’s (I’m a 5! My sitch is that I’ve got the legs of a 3 but the experience of, well, no experience. I expect to upgrade quickly if I can avoid crashing.).

My time was also good enough for 3rd of the 8 riders in the Cat 3’s. Out of everybody I was 7th. Looking up, here’s the guys I gotta catch (“Sr” means, like, good… like “Don’t categorize me, I’m fast. Period.”):

1 Beardsley, Steven Team Rubicon Sr 01:12.32
2 Beardsley, Doug Fred Meyer Sr 01:14.35
3 Harrison, Rambo BBC Sr 01:15.75
4 Bjesse, Per BikeCentral Cat 3 01:15.95
5 Drake, Peter Fred Meyer Sr 01:17.16
6 Coker, Aaron CMG Racing/Alpine Mortgage Cat 3 01:17.27
7 Blackwelder,Mark Veloshop Cat 4/5 01:17.93

I see it as a good sign that I’m finally on leaderboards with guys named “Per”. Hecka Euro.

The best news: I know I’m capable of going faster. Hell yeah.


Blogger Little Package said...

That was your first time?!?!! Whoa.

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