Sunday, May 28, 2006

Silverton RR 5/28/6

55 miles of CONSTANTLY rolling terrain in intermittent rain.

Synopsis: I dropped myself. I’m hilarious.

The race started and I was sitting in the wheels, already impressed with the fast early pace of the race. I thought about how I do well in races: I sit in all day, do no work and then finish fast. I was thinking about how that’s lame. It’s cool when you need the points and then it works and you get the points. And, I should mention that there are risks involved, but still, it’s kind of lame. Since I was just doing this race to get a good workout and see how other 3’s are doing, I decided to be a different rider for the day.

Once my legs had been brutally warmed up by the first few fast rollers, I got to the front and became one of the 5 or 6 riders that, for whatever reason, were drilling it. I took pulls very eagerly and generously and, I hope, paid a little Cat 3 dues before becoming a 2. This went on for 25 miles. I was feeling good. With us going so fast, there were no even-momentarily-successful breakaway attempts. I would just stay at or near the front up the climbs, fill gaps quickly and then hammer down the descents (I’m a fatty so I’m good at that).

Then, halfway through the second lap, I pulled through, rotated out and then, well, I started to drift. Engineering couldn’t get me any more power to the helm. Nobody was attacking, just, all of a sudden I couldn’t hang with the pace that I was helping to set. Then they were gone. Just like that. Dropped.

The good news (sorry, Hilbrandt) is that we had destroyed so much of the field that I rode the last 25 miles of the race like a training ride and still got like 25th out of like 60 starters. Attrition, baby. My tactics today were like those of a guy that opens fire on a crowd and then turns the gun on himself when the cops come. All in all, a great workout.


Blogger Patrick said...

Wait, I don't get it this is how I always race on the road. What's wrong with attacking like hell all the time........ OH, that's why I get dropped and earn no points and remain a 4.

6:09 PM  
Blogger Patrick said...

WAIT whoa, what was that last part about opening fire on the crowd and turning the gun on himself?? Maybe you have been playing too much GTA!!!!

7:15 PM  
Anonymous Quenton said...

GTA??? man it's all about Counter-Strike/Half-Life.

10:28 AM  

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