Friday, June 23, 2006

Alpenrose Thurs. Series 6/22/6

I felt just like a crap sandwich this morning. Worse than usual. Sulked around and drank coffee. Almost didn’t race. I got it together to just ride out with Molly and Tony. We got there and I decided to race. After an hour of sitting in the grass and sun with a Diet Pepsi, just looking at all the beautiful people and all the beautiful bikes, I was suddenly ready to rock. The best part: they combined the 3’s (me) with the Senior category, so it was on. I’m always eager to race against the fastest people the officials will allow me to.

So: 80-lap points race. I played it cowardly at the back for a while and then Molly and Steve flew. That was my motivation for getting involved. I shot up to the front to oversee the pace, not that those two needed any help getting around us. Once they finished lapping us, I flirted with going myself for a while and then had an opportunity to go and probably have Zac come with me. And then we were gone. We made up the first half lap in no time and then started hovering. He was hurting. I started taking longer pulls. I cracked the whip verbally a couple times, but he was dying. So I left him to the wolves. It’s like that joke about the bear chasing the hikers. (Tho he didn’t get around, Zac ate up so many points while in exile that he still got 4th). I got back on and had gotten some good points while away, too. Molly and I started trying to eat points. I kept trying to stay ahead of Steve in sprints, and had occasional success. I may have been wearing him out a bit, too, in retrospect. All the while, James was unflinchingly attacking and eating points. You know what you get to do when your teammates attack? You get to rest. Yes. So, I was waiting for a new break to get involved with, when none other than the Mighty Molly Cameron went. I got on. I thought it was stupid, cause we’re teammates currently placed 2-3 and I thought nobody would stand for it, but I did it anyways. And then, they let us go. Hmm. Rather than catch the group and let Steve beat us in the last sprint (double points), we hovered behind, eating up points. Molly wanted me to win so I could upgrade, but we sadly couldn’t afford it. Even though she gave me all the remaining sprints, she still won, with me taking second. Still damn good. Damn good. Yes. YES. Molly rejoiced later over having outnumbered the opposition for maybe her first time ever. Up Velo.


Anonymous Michelle said...

This was possibly the best race I've ever watched. So beautifully orchistrated, Molly clearly got her revenge. Oh, yeah and I also read Steve's blog freaking hillarious.

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Patrik said...

This is classic!! From Steve's Blog: I think this is what we are all thinking. Keep rocking it Mark.

"I sit there adn remember earlier in the year when Mark showed up at Wednesday track class and I taught the guy how to race on the track, now he is beating me, not cool. I could do nothing, I had no support, my legs were gone, and the Veloshop team is a bunch of bullies"

3:30 PM  
Blogger Mark Blackwelder said...

PW: what scares me is how that will rally rubicon behind him for next time... he swears revenge.

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Rhymes with leather said...

You are what you eat....crap sandwich. yum.

2:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if rubicon cares to show up, i doubt they'll be rallying around him

5:47 PM  

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