Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Crusades #3 and #4 October

Time is a problem. So is motivation. So blogging is on the back burner, left on all night, only to be discovered in the hungover morning all burnt up and subsequently soaked in dish soap all day. But here’s the blackened pot:

Cross season is tough. Saturday night I had to pimp my Franch Bicycle, just like every Saturday, but, in addition, had to last-minute my Spock costume so I wouldn’t be some Boo-Humbugger not dressed up for Flying M Ranch Halloween Cross (damn straight I’m calling you out, Cameron. Yeah, you beat Decker and everyone but Skerry; but dressing up like Molly Cameron doesn’t cut it when you’re lucky enough to actually be Molly Cameron). So I wrecked my apartment major whilst gluing, painting and papier mache’ing all my shit; got some scant shut-eye and got to the race (thanks, Bene).

Got there and started stressing just like I did last week. Made a conscious decision to say “F*ck It” (personal mantra) and to just have fun. I downed sumberse and watched the B’s and SS’s w/ Duncan (who’s just that pleasant kind of crazy… you know, doesn’t make you feel weird or in danger or anything- he’s just a little insane… and it’s nice) and took some terrible photos. Then, I wasted some precious race-watching time warming up for my own race. Missed the women’s race, which I regret deeply, only to get into my race to find that points were just plain out of reach with a climb like that thrown into the course. Every time I ascended it, 2 dudes would rocket past me never to be seen again. I just can’t do that sh!@t right now. No legs. I was really happy to see, however, that, as long as I was going backwards, one of the racers passing my fat ass was our own Shunter, who straight stripped that climb out its Underoos and got his best result of the cx season (until next week). I’ve been waiting for that sh!t all season. It’s November and Shunter’s in the hizzy. I’s got a new team leader. Pink and black, yo. Um, I mean pink and, um, white.

Oh yeah, last week… whahappened? Um, nothing, except I sacked up the short, steep climb enough times in a row to roll in and get 10th. I got all my crashes out of the way in my pre-rides. Not crashes like, dabbing, mild crashes, either. All three were I’mgoingfastandwherethehellismybikewhenIneedit full-impact crashes. There’s nothing else like that for your pre-race confidence. But then the race went down and I stayed upright (on my pit wheels), and rode pretty strong, so it’s all-good in the hood. I was in the points and was feeling fine about being MB.


Blogger Mark Blackwelder said...

Sadly, the only pic of my costume that anybody has posted is this:

10:08 PM  
Anonymous briman888 said...

Was the rubber on your tires "vulcanized?" That would be logical.
God, that sucked. I'm ashamed of myself.

10:09 PM  
Blogger Mark Blackwelder said...

(not saying anything... just shaking my head slowly)

10:09 PM  
Blogger Patrick said...

Remember when you we were warming up and you said, "Don't slow down for that shit?" Yeah, that why I don't drill it in practice. I save my ohshitwhereismybikewhenIneedit,ohmygawdwheredidthatholecomefrom crashes for the actual race.

And, there was a hill????

1:32 PM  
Anonymous T said...

I took a few shots of you on yer camera Blackwelder. cd em and I can put em on my flickr account...or you can start your own. i only took a few pics that day-but I think maybe like 20? I sucked on that hill, too, btw,I know I suck on every hill so that really isn't a comfort but was lame coming out of the curve having to grind up the hill. one time MC was there yelling for me to be agressive. I wanted to fall off the bike. and that was only on the first lap I think...

3:21 PM  
Blogger Mark Blackwelder said...

Guilty as charged, Patrick; but I still have in my head the voice of my high school friend who told me of new skate(boarding) tricks: "Don't learn 'em going slow or you'll always be afraid to do them fast."

8:36 PM  
Anonymous q-tang said...

I skated for most of 12 years, and it was always get good at them slow so you can do them fast. Same thing with 'biting' it... get good at it giong slow, and when it happens fast it won't be so bad. That said... One speed for form, and another for balls out 'who's your daddy' action!

12:35 PM  
Blogger Little Package said...

OMG your costume was BRILLIANT - can't believe that's the only photo. Dommage.

8:06 PM  

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