Sunday, October 08, 2006

Battle at Barlow 10 08 06

yo. so, i've been given crap for never blogging my starcrossed and crusade #1 races. yeah, deal with it. the short story: starcrossed was f'ing awesome. i couldn't hang with the Jacques-Mayne, Decker, Kabush group (but Molly could... props), but i still did way good for me: 18th (look under 'elite men'). The next day I was way tired and i cracked hard and got 13th in the first of the Crusades. i was in the points, nonetheless. it was a weekend so tiring that i couldn't even type about it on this here internet thingy.

today, however, was a day for glory. it wasn't a Crusade, so i wasn't seriously, like, sweating it, but, still, the cats were away (in Glouchester), and us mice were meant to play. i had a good start with plenty, maybe too much (?) elbows (Cameron is teaching me 'cross, mind you), and i was in the mean-ass-killing-it group right away. then Brandt rode away. then i chased him solo for like, ever. then Zach, who had been in a cooperative group of four that were chasing me, rode up to me, rode through me, rode away from me, crashed, got back up on his bike way behind me and then rode through me and away from me again, the schmuck. too damn strong. (there needs to be a neat-o internet emaily smiley face thing for a squinty-sharp-eyed look of diabolical scheming... if there were one, i would put it here...) anyways, those guys beat me fair and square. i'm just glad i didn't go headfirst into the barriers on the run-down (who's idea was that??). my teamate Tiah took just the best pictures and i'm trying to figure out how to share them... but for now, here's one of me on the run-down i'm talking about. for my unknowing fam back in Cali, IA and AZ: this is cyclocross.


Blogger Patrick said...

Let me add to this story a little if I may.
I lined up next to Mark yesterday with the idea that I was going to get a good start.

Then Mark rode through an entire group of 30, in the first 200 meters or so,
while I dillied....
and dallied, and watched him ride away into the sunset, uhhh, I mean the rain, that came with 3 or 4 laps to go.

that one is........

All this on a cracked whip mind you.....

7:49 PM  

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