Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Portland Short Track #2 7/17/6

Now for something completely different… a short mountain bike course that runs through the PIR motocross venue.

Boy, do I suck eggs at this. I’m doing it to try to learn how to ride my ‘cross bike by the time CX season opens. So far, so bad.

I rode the sport category, which is like 4’s on the road. I knew I needed to sprint for position to start the race, but I had no idea… I started quick and then pulled out of my Eggbeater and ended up starting the singletrack in like 15th position. Then I was caught in traffic for the rest of the race. Passing was really hard. And fruitless, since whenever I’d pass somebody, I’d just biff it immediately and they’d go by me again. I fell so much. And “dabbed” too many times to count. One time I spun my seat a quarter of the way around. Another, I hit a tree and bruised a rib and now can’t sleep on that side. The craziest thing about this, though, was that I got so royally beat and never even started to tire/ breath hard/ burn legs… nothing. This event is all technique… other than the opening dash, which of course also has a generous helping of technical issues. Anyways, I have no technique. Except for having managed to survive this one mistake on the last lap where I hit this motocross jump too fast and couldn’t keep it on the ground and sailed all the way to the flat for a not-so-comfortable landing on my scandium ‘cross bike. Kablamm. So, I’ll try again next week. I need work.


Anonymous Steve-o said...

That makes two of us that need some help with the skills. I think we should ask Molly to do a mini skills class with us before the race next week. But come crash in the Experts with me next week.

7:45 AM  
Blogger Patrick said...

I saw Steve-O go down right in front of me. I was like all Ouch!!!

Yeah Mark, race X, you'll do fine.

Don't break that frame!!

5:20 PM  
Blogger Molly Cameron said...

Lesson of the day:

Break the frame and get a real cross bike.

Better yet, break the frame while bunnyhopping over someone for the win. Then, pick up the broken pieces and run it in to finish on the podium. Finally, praise your sponsors for building the lightest, strongest cross bike you have ever ridden.

10:21 AM  

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