Sunday, June 25, 2006

State Games of Oregon Track 5/25/6

First, let me say that this race isn't as big a deal as its name makes it sound. There were six Cat 3 men in my field. I was here for some upgrade points and I got 'em.

Coker messed up and I won. That's the story. In the first race, an unknown distance, I set up right where I wanted to be: on his wheel. No tactical mistake, here. He went, I went with him and he straight up beat me to the line. I didn't have the legs to come around him. I figured that's how the rest of my day would go.

In the second race, a miss and out, he and I were near the back at the beginning. I even jokingly threatened to box him in and get him caught in back. On the second elimination (I didn't do it--I was way up track), it happened for real. I still haven't decided whether it was unsportsman-like or not, but when I heard "Aaron Coker" from the announcer, I "yippee!"'d quite audibly. I was excited. He wasn't pissed, except at himself. He blew it and he knew it. I went on to win the event.

In the third race, a progressive points race, everybody had apparently decided that I was out of reach, because I jumped out front and took the third sprint just to get on the board (objective #1 was to not get shut out, or else I could be overtaken in the overall), and they let me go. I cruised around the track and got enough points to clinch the victory. And then I got my ass of the way to let them duke out 2nd place. Aaron got it.

So, I got some upgrade points, a gift certificate and a medal.

It turned out to be a good thing, I think, that they didn't combine the fields today. Before the race, while it was still a possibility, Beardsley strolled by and said, with a friendly smile, something along the lines of "lotta orange here today, Mark." Molly? When’re you racing track again?


Anonymous steve said...

here's a textual back pat. You look hot in your womens power skinsuit.

6:20 PM  
Blogger Molly Cameron said...

You said it Mark, "this race isn't as big a deal as its name makes it sound. There were six men in my field."

Become a 2 already...

10:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mark is slow

5:51 PM  

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