Monday, July 17, 2006

Mt Tabor Series #6 7/12/6

What not to do…

Again, I’m blogging like a week after the fact. Just not in a typy mood, I guess. Anyways, on with the story of the Tabor Finale:

I had a great series standing. I was fifth overall. I wanted very badly to protect that placing. I had Russell, Chris, Andy and Molly ready-and-willing to work for me. I had a five thousand dollar steed underneath me and a pink skinsuit stretched around me. I had jotted on my stem the numbers of five of the riders that were threatening me in the standings. And, get this--I felt great.

So, we’re going around and around, and it’s all fine and dandy. Cameron has a mechanical and drops a lap. Too bad, for sure, but now she’s only working for me for absolutely sure, which is admittedly good for me, not that’s it’s the way I’d want it. My all-star crew kills the last few laps, preventing any late attacks and expending an ungodly effort in doing it. On the last lap, Russell’s my last guy and kicks out the jams across the dam, like unbelievable-fast. I start to go around him and then notice that he looks like he might be giving more, so, I stick back on, and then he pulls off. Already this long sprint is going poorly. So I hammer up the hill and get overtaken near the top by four riders. So, I got fifth. Pretty good, right? As I cross the line, I look up at who’s beaten me and every number is on my list. I had effectively led out the very guys I needed to beat. Pretty sweet.

They still haven’t posted the final results, but I’m pretty sure I took a catastrophic slide down the list. Whatever. Next year, I won’t miss any of the races in the series. I did pretty gosh darn good for only having 4 real results (when they count 5)… and pretty gosh darn good for being an idiot.


Anonymous that girl said...

I just remembered, I need you to pick me up from the airport next year on the first day of the tabor series. At like 7:15. Thats cool right? Thanks fuckface.

10:44 AM  

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