Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mid-Summer Crit #1 7/19/6

So fun. Molly made me do it. I was all lame, talking 'bout the $15 entry fee and the crash danger being all for nothing. Turns out that I had been forgetting that racing bikes is fun. She clarified this for my stupid ass, I snapped out of it, and we were off.

This crit is a super fun course, with a roundabout-style corner, two U turns, a full spectrum of pavement surfaces, and a finish comprised of super-smooth pavement and a slight uphill. Molly and I both got into / instigated early breaks that didn’t work. Seth CMG went solo and totally got away (I bet it feels good to be that strong). Three Veloce riders (including Jesse), Molly and I worked for a long ass time to try and get him back, 5 riders against 1, but the course’s tight turns really favored the break. Funny note: Steven B had forgotten his Rubicon kit, borrowed some CMG spandor, and was now cheekily playing the I-have-a-“teammate”-in-the-break card. So funny. With two laps to go, I conceded and stopped pulling through... and started thinking about the sprint for 2nd place.

Steveo tried to go halfway through the last lap and I was with him. I pulled through, but seeing that the pack wasn’t having it, I glass-cranked it to the final U-turn. I went through first, hesitated, then made like I was attacking hard, but intentionally didn’t go anywhere. Casey Deck came around me and started drilling it, either early for himself or right on time to set up Steve. I took his wheel, a quick breather, and then the sprint. SteveO almost got me on the line, but no cigar.

The coolest thing for me here is that I didn’t sit in all day, just saving my legs for that second place. I broke away, I worked hard to (fail to) pull a break back, and then, when none of that worked, still featured in the sprint... and made a quick buck or two for 2nd place. And, for the first time got to feel, through the tubes and joints of my lovely Lapierre, a full-power high-speed sprint on flawless pavement. Holy crap this thing’s a rocket. It is sssso choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up (at Veloshop, that's 9th and Burnside, ask for Molly). Anyways, I’m not worthy... literally: I can't finish paying it off!

Oh, and BTW, the results for the Tabor Series were finally posted and I didn't slip nearly as badly as I had thought. I got 6th overall, which (BEWARE: the following description lacks humility) is friggin' awesome. To use one of Chris' catchphrases... BOOYA!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me too: I'll be in there next week. LaPierre fois deux.

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are lucky I was not in my super orange skinsuit.

I think those CMG guys need to be tested. 3 wins in one night.

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Navin said...

Is grandma still farting?

8:53 PM  

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