Friday, December 01, 2006

2006 Season

My goals for the year, as stated in January:
-Get upgraded to a Cat 2 on the road
-Try track racing
-Try racing cyclocross A’s

Um, yep.

Check, check and check. I kind of plowed right through these goals like my brakes weren’t working. I don’t know how it happened. My two previous seasons of racing have tapered off and disintegrated in May when school has gotten out and I’ve found myself without friends to race and train with. It had me thinking that spring racing was all my body could handle. But, this year I kind of just kept going. That 2 upgrade happened pretty fast… and then my season started.

In pretty much my first races as a Cat 2, I got 6th overall in the Tabor Series in the Pro/1/2’s. That was carazy. Meanwhile, out at Alpenrose, I got upgraded from a Cat 5 to a Cat 2 in like 6 days of racing over the course of 6 weeks, en route to an eventual 6th place in the State Champs points race to end the track season. It’s just wild. Then, in my sophomore year of cyclocross, I got a couple podiums at the smaller races while tying for 11th overall in the Crusade. Geez. Didn’t see that one coming. This isn’t boasting: I’m as surprised as you are.

So, the real question is: what’m I gonna do next season? Yikes. Can you say “Expectations”? T’hell with it. I’ma go fast. As well as this season may have gone, there’s still plenty of room for improvement, and a lot of local racers on top of me. Hopefully a couple of my teammates will get upgraded to 2’s as fast as I bet they will; and we’ll have a team for me to work for on the road. Then track’ll start and I’m gonna try to be a little more like the points racers that this year I just plain couldn’t touch (Taylor, Molly, Mikkel, Daniel, etc…). Then ‘cross will roll around and whatever’s gonna happen will just happen. Then I’ll write a “2007 Season” blog entry. Maybe I’ll even reflect on this one.

Thanks to everyone who helped me train, get to races and gave me shoulder pats. Special thanks to Molly who kept me on working gear, and moreover, gave me a great reason to keep chomping the bit through summer and fall (now go kill it in Belgium!). I’m out. Up Velo!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Steve-o said...

Update your site. We want to hear about Cherry Pie and your 2007 goals.

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