Friday, March 09, 2007

Oh, yeah! Blog! Um, so far...

So, three weeks ago, my season didn’t really kick off. The first race was rolling into some faraway Oregon town, I had just begun my base miles and the last race of my coming season was still about, oh, one year away. But, summummabitch, though; racing is where the party’s at. You know that, c'mon. I mean, I could stay home and ride by myself while my new team roadtripped it to the race, or I could get in the van and go and… um, ride by myself.

We strapped it on, lined up and started off down the road at a medium pace. I was shivering at about mile 2 when it started to rain (in February? in Oregon? WTF, right?) and I drifted off the back a little to pull on my new Bellwether Screamin’ Meenie. Right then the first attack jumped and my last contact with the pack had already come and gone. Pop! I hammered for a while with one arm in my jacket and my right half finally started to get warm, but they were long gone. 48 miles by myself. Hilarious. I guess some guy won and a bunch more people tried to race him and they did okay but didn’t win or something. I dunno.

Last week was the first Banana Belt and again I couldn’t resist the call of the dialed. Sheeet, I even bought a series pass. Hell yeah. Base miles? Going slow all day? What the hell kinda bull is that? If you wanna go fast, practice going fast, right? So, this time I hit the trainer for about 10 minutes before the race. Still didn’t get it right, but it was a move in the right direction. It gave me the legs to cover or get into a couple weak ass break attempts early in the race. Then the good one happened and I was too tapped to do anything. A bunch of fast ass dudes (the CMG team was most of them) headed up the road and ended the race for the rest of us. I floundered around all day trying to get into anything that might go after them (yeah right!) and then did a little practice sprint at the end. The good news was that I wasn’t too soft to at least ride with other people this time. The better news was that I had a great time. Got to roll smooth on my fresh tubies on my fresh wheels on my fresh bike, got to hit my legs a couple (tens of) times and, on a few occasions, got to get a taste of (Momma! I'm...) going fast. The weather was perfect and after the race the parking lot was live. I ate some Hawaiian bento, picked a couple of brains for some scraps of racing wisdom, partied with EP for a spell while she marshaled the afternoon course and then hit the road for some, yes, base miles. And, yes, yes, yes… a couple of city limit signs.

Here's my well-fed self in my new gang's colors.


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